As of October 2017, Commencal is now bringing bikes directly into New Zealand.

This is great news for the brand and the customer, as it means that NZ now has access to a much wider range of Commencals than in previous years.

Typically, these bikes would just be available to order online. However, due to Arrow Bikes’ relationship with Commencal, we are currently the only store where you can view the new 2018 Commencal bikes and buy in store if you wish. All at the same price as advertised online.

What this means for you? If you like the look of one of the new 2018 Commencals, but would like to see it first or check it for sizing, we can get this bike in for you and you can view it in our store first with no obligation to buy.

We already have a number of these bikes on the shop floor however there are plenty of other models available to us that are just a day away.

The added bonus of buying in store is that the bike also gets built up for you at no charge.

What’s not to like?

In order to view availability for current 2018 Commencals, please visit

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