E Bikes



There are a variety of E Bike brands available through Arrow Bikes including Santa Cruz, Trek, Merida, Norco, Cannondale and GT.


As the popularity of E Bikes has increased over the past few years, so has the variety of bikes available ranging from commuter bikes to mountain bikes. 


Depending on the type of riding you plan to do, we will tailor an individual quote specific to your budget and biking needs.


This is a market where the technology is constantly updating, so it pays to discuss your requirements first before making any decisions.  


It is also important to ensure that not only do you get the bike that you want, but that you also get the support that you need later down the track. This is why we only deal with the best E Bike brands, that offer the most comprehensive support.


Please call or email us and we will be happy to provide our impartial advice to you based on your requirements.