The newest version of the Hightower remains our greatest hits of engineering - now further refined and bottled into our most all-terrain of bikes. Big on wheels, medium on travel, short on fuss, this is the do-it-all model that does it over and over again thanks to a versatile balance of geo, spec and durability. If you’re not looking for extremes, just something extremely good, the Hightower is your elevator.

Not all frames are created equal. Hightower represents Santa Cruz’s greatest hits, showcasing our design, engineering, and performance prowess. VPP suspension utilizes a one-piece swingarm that eliminates the need for pivots on the stays, creating a stout, bulletproof rear end for accurate tracking and superior performance. Looking for something good at climbing, and downhill, and going round and round your local trails? Say hello to Hightower. 145mm in the rear paired with 150mm up front is your perfect combo.

Compared to the last Hightower, we reduced the anti-squat in the first 40% of travel. This noticeably improves suspension sensitivity in both climbing and descending scenarios due to reduced chain influence on the suspension. Hightower's leverage curve is relatively straight, with added progression towards the end of the travel. This provides improved bottom-out resistance with more consistent damping and support.

Place your ride essentials securely beneath a new high-quality latch and panel in the Hightower's downtube. The Glovebox comes with a fitted Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, tailored for the frame to keep your tools close to hand. A sag window allows easier suspension sag and setup. The details are completed by a neat mud flap to protect the rear shock plus tidy cable routing within the frame and swingarm, and rubberized DT protectors to shrug off strikes.

Chainstay length and seat angle is matched to the frame size so every rider, no matter their height, gets the same balanced geometry. Across all sizes however, the headtube angle has been slackened to help stability at speed, lowered the bottom bracket to compliment the better supported suspension, and increased stack in favor of modern handlebar setups. Santa Cruz offers two grades of carbon—top-end CC Carbon and value-minded C Carbon. Though they have the same stiffness and performance, CC is lighter and comes paired with more premium suspension.


Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC
  • Wheel size: 29"
  • Front travel: 150mm
  • Rear travel: 145mm


Frame Only

Hightower3 C or CC


Complete Bikes

Hightower3 C R build kit

Fox Float Performance DPS, RockShox Lyrik-base 150


Hightower3 C S build kit

RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, Fox 36 Float Performance 150


Hightower3 C GX AXS build kit

RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, Fox 36 Float Performance Elite 150


Hightower3 C GX AXS RSV build kit

Reserve Wheels, RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, Fox 36 Float Performance Elite 150


Hightower3 CC X01 build kit

RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, Fox Float Factory 150


Hightower3 CC X01 AXS RSV build kit

Reserve Wheelset, RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, Fox Float Factory 150


Not keen on any of the build kits listed above? Talk to us about the components you would like and your budget and we can build your dream bike.

Please contact us to check availability and current pricing / specials.

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For more info on colour options, sizing, geometry and build kits, visit https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US/bikes/hightower