A downhill bike that goes everywhere


Seriously. The Megatower’s big wheels, long travel, and tough carbon fiber chassis delivers the high-speed security traits of a downhill bike. Yet the relatively-steep seat tube angle and size-specific geo maintain the Mega’s mega pedaling ability—elevating its reputation as the perfect choice for big gravity rides and DH park laps.

Glovebox- Place everything you need for a ride beneath the reassuringly high-quality latch and panel in the downtube, including your driving gloves. The Glovebox also comes with a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse, two refined pouches for keeping your essentials close to hand.

Full carbon C and CC frame options- While both versions of our carbon frames are made in our own factory, are just as strong and stiff as one another, and have a lifetime warranty, there are a couple of differences between the two. CC frames use the very best materials and production processes available, while our C frames add on a little more weight for a little less $.

Steeper seat tube angle- The steep seat tube angle puts you in the right place to scale the steepest pitches to get to the wildest descents. Even better, it gets progressively steeper as the sizes get larger so everyone sits in the right spot.

Coil and water compatibility- Even with a lower-link flip chip and the option to run large-body shocks, like a coil, you’re still able to fit a water bottle inside the front triangle.

Details matter- The frame details are completed with a neat mud flap that protects the rear shock, a rubberized downtube protector that shrugs off strikes, and tidy cable routing within the frame and swingarm.

The Megatower is the fusion of big wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. It’s a modern day brawler, as suited to diehard racers as it is to riders wanting to conquer their hometown trails.


Key Features:

  • Available in: Carbon C & Carbon CC
  • Wheel size: 29"
  • Front travel: 170mm
  • Rear travel: 165mm


Frame Only

Megatower CC with Fox DHX2 Factory - $6995.00 (RRP $7,950.00)

Megatower CC with Fox DHX2 Coil - $6995.00 (RRP $7,950.00)


Complete Bikes

Megatower C S Build Kit

Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+, Fox 38 Performance 170 

$11,995.00 (RRP $12,770)


Megatower C GX AXS Build kit

RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ OR coil, Fox 38 Performance Elite 170

$14,495.00 (RRP $15,310)


Megatower C GX AXS RSV Build kit

Reserve Wheelset, RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ OR coil, Fox 38 Performance Elite 170

$16,495.00 (RRP $17,250)


Megatower CC X01 Build Kit

Fox Float Factory X2 OR DHX2 Coil, Fox 38 Factory 170

$15,595.00 (RRP $16,510)


Megatower CC X01 AXS RSV Build kit

Reserve Wheelset, Fox Float Factory X2 OR DHX2 Coil, Fox 38 Factory 170

$18,795.00 (RRP $19,350)


Megatower CC XX1 AXS RSV Build kit

Reserve Wheelset, Rockshox Super Deluxe Flight Attendant, RS Zeb Ultimate FA 170

$22,795.00 (RRP $23,530)


Please note that pricing is correct as at 20 April 2022 but will be subject to fluctuations throughout 2022/23 season due to supply/freight issues surrounding Covid. Please call to obtain an accurate quote.


Not keen on any of the build kits listed above? Talk to us about the components you would like and your budget and we can build your dream bike.


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